United States Federal Government


This federal organization faces many unique challenges when it comes to security. It is a heavily targeted entity with tens of thousands of high-profile users who are widely distributed over hundreds of locations. Protecting confidential intellectual property for this type of environment requires more than just the bare minimum. Having been frequently attacked by both unfriendly nation-states and cyber criminals, with some of the attacks making headlines, this organization’s chief security architect was determined to harden both the exterior and interior of this highly valuable government network.


In light of increasingly sophisticated and high-profile cyber attacks, it became clear to this organization that implementing the minimum requirements to comply with federal regulations was no longer enough to adequately protect its critical assets. The organization therefore decided to move from a reactive to a proactive security strategy, going above and beyond traditional, perimeter-based security tools and embracing innovative solutions that would provide more comprehensive protection.

“How do we get better situational awareness of attacks within our target-rich environment?” asked the organization’s chief security architect. “How do we stop reacting and start hunting?”

In order to improve its security posture, the organization implemented a defense-in-depth strategy consisting of a set of innovative, complementary security technologies, including Lancope’s Stealthwatch® System for behavioral-based network monitoring and anomaly detection. Overall, the organization wanted to increase its situational awareness and improve incident response. “We have a target-rich environment that has been (and will continue to be) attacked,” said the chief security architect. “We need to detect these [attacks] sooner, and be able to rapidly investigate and respond.”

Unifying security, network and application performance monitoring in a single platform, Stealthwatch provides the in-depth network visibility and actionable insight needed to foster greater situational awareness and expedite incident response. By analyzing NetFlow™ and other flow data from existing routers and switches, Stealthwatch empowers government organizations to troubleshoot a wide range of issues across the entire network at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. According to this organization’s chief security architect, NetFlow is far too often overlooked and underleveraged by the industry. Fully leveraging the power of NetFlow, Stealthwatch enables federal organizations to quickly pinpoint the root cause of network problems down to the exact devices, applications and users involved.

Stealthwatch Improves Federal Network Security

Stealthwatch collects and analyzes flow data to create a baseline of normal network behavior and rapidly detect anomalous activities to significantly reduce the time between problem onset and resolution. The system’s automated monitoring, baselining and alarming functionalities play an invaluable role in security operations. Not relying on signature updates, Stealthwatch uncovers sophisticated, zero-day attacks that often bypass perimeter defenses, and also detects insider threats including policy violations, network misuse, device misconfigurations and data leakage.

Advanced security capabilities in Stealthwatch streamline troubleshooting and dramatically improve protection, as well as boost compliance efforts and assist with network forensic analysis for security incident investigations. These capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive, Continuous Monitoring of the entire network to enhance visibility
  • Behavioral-Based Anomaly Detection for fast troubleshooting of internal and external threats
    without requiring signature updates to detect attacks
  • The Concern Index™ to automatically prioritize the top security issues facing an organization
  • Automatic Mitigation to give IT administrators the option of quickly containing security problems
  • The Worm Tracker, which visually graphs the spread of a worm or virus throughout the network to
    provide instant visibility into its scope and impact
  • Host Group Locking to limit communication with sensitive systems
  • Identity Awareness to pinpoint the exact users responsible for (or affected by) issues
  • Network Forensic Analysis to enhance incident investigation

Above all, Stealthwatch provides the additional “eyes and ears” sought by this organization to make continuous process improvements for securing its confidential assets. The system augments existing security deployments to achieve earlier detection and a more prompt and agile response to incidents.

Stealthwatch Fills in the Gaps for Federal Networks

In addition to dramatically improving the security workflow, Stealthwatch fills in the gaps left by other technologies to help federal organizations avoid damaging security incidents. Stealthwatch takes federal agencies beyond bare minimum compliance efforts to ensure continuously high levels of security.

“If they only wanted to do what everyone else is doing, they hired the wrong guy,” added the chief security architect. “The stakes are very high for my organization. Reacting isn’t working. We have to hunt.”