Network Visibility for State and Local Government

The Internet and connected technology have revolutionized the world, and state and local governments are no exception. In addition to housing citizens’ personal information, agencies frequently:

  • Offer important services online
  • Maintain critical infrastructure such as public utilities
  • Share confidential information with federal networks

And with trends such as smart cities and the Internet of Things on the rise, state and local networks are only going to become more complex.

Securing these networks is a challenge for even the most well-funded agencies. Budget shortfalls and deficits leave many others struggling to protect their systems. The good news is that governor-level awareness of cybersecurity is increasing, and most states now have an enterprise-level chief information security officer (CISO). But a lack of funding is still one of the top barriers in at least forty U.S. states. Significant cybersecurity gaps remain in every state.

To achieve an advantage over attackers, state and local agencies need comprehensive network visibility. You can’t protect what you can’t see, and too many organizations are unable to detect malicious activity taking place on the network.