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PCI DSS Compliance

Stealthwatch supports PCI DSS compliance efforts by:

  • Supplying real-time visibility and awareness of network- and host-based behaviors down to individual users
  • Increasing user accountability for introducing security risks
  • Tracking, measuring and prioritizing network risks for faster remediation
  • Providing the in-depth data needed to conduct forensic analysis for security incidents
  • Easily extending network and security monitoring to virtual environments
HIPAA Compliance

Stealthwatch addresses HIPAA mandates in the following ways:

  • Provides accountability for healthcare employee by tracking their network activity (164.312 (a) (1) )
  • Provides a quick clue regarding unauthorized host access for rapid response to electronic protected health information (EPHI) access, alteration and/or destruction (164.312 (c) (1) and 164.308 (e) (1) )
  • Detects malicious and suspicious network activity and works in conjunction with third party devices to mitigate or remediate security policy violations (164.308 (a) (1) (i) )
  • Excels as an incident response tool and serves as a first responder technology that provides notification of potential issues