Network Visibility

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Actionable Network Visibility for Security

Insider threats are on the rise while sophisticated attacks continue to bypass perimeter defenses. Compounding these risk factors are internal misuse as well as unnecessary network exposures, such as:

  • firewall misconfigurations
  • unsecured site-to-site communications that bypass secured hubs
  • peer-to-peer file sharing
  • inappropriate server access
  • unauthorized employee web server implementation over the network

Stealthwatch leverages flow data to provide actionable insight and reduce the time from problem onset to resolution. By accerlerating Mean Time to Know, Stealthwatch helps you quickly regain control of your network. Stealthwatch combines flow-based monitoring with anomaly detection to provide enterprise-wide visibility into host and network behaviors, adding a broader context around point-in-time security events.

In addition to providing in-depth insight into the internal environment, Stealthwatch can conduct sophisticated behavioral analysis on data from perimeter devices to deliver advanced contextual awareness. Hundreds of customers attest to Stealthwatch's effectiveness in identifying compromised hosts and misconfigured devices, remediating network incidents and promoting network availability.

Stealthwatch helps you...

  • see what is actually happening across your entire network
  • regain control of your network
  • quickly identify compromised hosts and rapidly contain the resulting infection
  • monitor network usage by employee, customer, partner or consultant
  • focus limited resources on the most critical issues