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"[Stealthwatch] allows us to gain internal network visibility… and easily audit our secure zones to ensure certain types of traffic are not leaving those networks."
Central Michigan University
“There are considerable security risks associated with even the smallest changes to the system. Stealthwatch proved its value immediately by helping us determine the security and effectiveness of our SCADA changes in real time. Stealthwatch provides measurable results in days.”
Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority (HCWSA)
“With limited staff responsible for monitoring, securing and optimizing such a large network, Stealthwatch provides us with much needed visibility to do our jobs faster and more effectively. Stealthwatch gives us better visibility of internal traffic and its file-sharing index accurately identifies machines running P2P applications. We also love Stealthwatch's scalability and its Concern Index feature, which quickly distinguishes risky from trivial network incidents and elevates serious security events.”
Central Michigan University
“Stealthwatch helps us make more informed decisions when presented with network anomalies. If a user complains of slow network connectivity, we can quickly research the issue with Stealthwatch to see what kind of traffic a user’s machine is generating. Based on the amount of traffic and traffic type, we can make an informed decision about how to resolve the problem.”
Central Michigan University
“On a daily basis, [Stealthwatch] identified infected hosts in real time, enabling our security and network teams to mitigate risks and prevent further propagation. Unlike traditional security products, [Stealthwatch] uncovered hidden traffic patterns and gave us valuable insight from a networking perspective that we use to continuously improve our security and network posture.”
Stanford University School of Medicine
“Stealthwatch has increased our visibility of internal network traffic ten-fold from 90MB per minute to 900MB per minute. Stealthwatch helps our network and security managers view traffic patterns without having to deploy costly sniffers or LAN probes on every segment, and provides a rich source of data for security-related tasks.”
Naval Postgraduate School
Faster detection of network anomalies, network threats, and faster learning of our network behaviour.
Igor Hitrec, Qatar
A one stop solution in mitigating any kind of attack vector across datacenter access.
Santosh Byahatti, Salesforce
We are dependent on the 'Alarm and Target' report for security analysis and detection.
Matthew Smith, Vesuvius
Stealthwatch helps us to detect application response issues, data hording, identify strange behaviors between hosts and servers, servers to servers and hosts against hosts.
Cesar Felix, Coppel