The Stealthwatch System Provides Advanced Forensic Tools To Monitor For Advanced Threats.

Turn data into intelligence

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Collect and analyze holistic network audit trails.

StealthWatch enables organizations to collect a wide range of data including NetFlow, IPFIX, Syslog and SNMP. Unique features including data deduplication and stitching and NAT translation provide a 360° view and a full audit trail of network activity.

Achieve faster root cause analysis.

With the StealthWatch System, organizations can easily drill down into massive amounts of data to pull out the most relevant intelligence for protecting their network. Intuitive dashboards and reports make the information easy to understand and act on for faster root cause analysis. 

Conduct thorough forensic investigations.

Advanced forensic tools help users understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of security breaches for improved compromise assessment.


Stealthwatch provides a holistic view of our network rather than a specific link or part of the network. The rich functionality together with the superb customer support gives us an excellent tool for combating security issues on the network.

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Tony Arnold,University of Manchester

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