Analyze Large Amounts Of Network Data To Respond To Threats Quickly.

Accelerate incident response

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Accelerate network troubleshooting and threat mitigation.

Faster Mean Time to Know (MTTK) translates into quicker, more informed responses to a wide range of network and security issues. Optional mitigation features through integration with Cisco enable organizations to take actions right from their existing infrastructure to swiftly shut down potential threats.

Host Quarantine screenshot - useful dashboard for responders

Quickly and effectively respond to threats before, during and after a security incident.

By constantly collecting, analyzing and storing large quantities of network data, the StealthWatch System enables organizations to effectively build a continuous response process for security threats. Enterprises can better understand their network over time for faster, more precise incident response.

Continuously improve enterprise security posture.

Enterprises can continuously improve their security posture with iterative threat intelligence from the StealthWatch System.

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